Atv riding in fairfield bay ar

Riding ATVs in Fairfield Bay, Arkansas

Do you love to ride ATVs? Are you searching for an amazing place that has a lovely scenery, challenging trails, and fun for the entire family? If yes, then the perfect place for you is Fairfield Bay!

With trails of more than 90-miles, Fairfield Bay in Arkansas is indeed the ultimate weekend ATV destination. This trail that is located in the Ozark Mountains is separated into 4 trail systems that connects each other through the Fairfield Bay’s public roads. From its various trails with different skill levels that ranges from easy up to advanced, finding the perfect trail for you will surely be effortless.

This town is off-road friendly and it offers various staging areas that you can choose from. Also, the ATV and UTV riders can also travel to the restaurants, hotels, campground, shops, and the Marina in Fairfield Bay. As you explore its woods, you will surely feel the adrenaline rush as you cross stream beds, woods, and rocks. With the help of printed and digital maps as well as their road signages, you will surely get to explore Fairfield Bay like you’ve never done before.

The trails here are mostly easy and wide dirt roads that has occasional shallow mud pits, stream crossings, and moderate rocky terrain. Its scenery is spectacular and some trails here will also lead you to wonderful waterfalls. The visitors here should take note that this trail is only open to ATVs and UTVs and not for motorcycles or dirt bikes. Also, all trails are open to the public all throughout the year during daytime only. Overnight parking and camping are not allowed along the trails or at their staging areas. Moreover, kayak rentals and ATV tours are also available here.


Blue Trail – Easy

This trail is Fairfield Bay’s easy tour that will allow riders to enjoy its scenery as they travel through the woods near Lynn Creek and Chelsea Condos.

blue trail

Yellow Trail – Moderate

This trail wanders through Northwood Hills’ woods which is close to the main entrance. This is labeled as a moderate level that has streams, mud and water obstacles.












Orange Trail – Challenging

This challenging trail will take you from the East Cliff Drive and Net Lane throughout the Fairfield Bay’s scenic hills close to the stunning Greers Ferry Lake, and then return back to your starting point.

orange trail






Green Trail – Challenging

This is also a challenging trail which winds all through Mountain Ranch’s lovely backwoods.

green trail


















  • The trails open at sunrise and close at sunset.
  • Riders should use extra caution since the trails can be shared by cars/trucks and ATV/UTVs. For safety purposes, off-road 4×4 trucks and motorcycles are discouraged.
  • Make sure to remove all of your trash when leaving.
  • Fires, overnight camping, or hunting are NOT allowed. Make sure that you only stay and follow the trails that are marked.
  • Do not destroy, remove, or damage any plants, shrubs, trees, or animals.
  • It is your sole responsibility to follow the safety operation procedures of the manufacturer.
  • All UTVs and ATVs should have a functioning muffler system and spark arrestor.
  • 16-years-old riders and below are not permitted to ride along the roadways unto the trail systems. Only those licensed drivers are allowed.
  • All riders that are under 16-years-old should wear a helmet and an adult must accompany them.
  • It is the rider’s responsibility to follow all the laws concerning the ATV or UTV’s safe operation.
  • Racing is NOT allowed and all passing should only be at the left.
  • Fairfield Bay is NOT liable or responsible for any loss, damages, injuries or thefts that may arise from using the trail system. The use of the trail system is VOLUNTARY.
  • Alcohol is ABSOLUTELY NOT allowed. The DUI/DWI laws are enforced strictly.
  • Show courtesy to your fellow riders.
  • In cases of emergencies, dial 911 immediately and make sure that you are prepared to give assistance to the dispatcher when locating for the emergency.



There are numerous designated parking locations for trucks that has trailers. Keep in mind that it is crucial for you to be aware regarding their parking location so that you can correctly park your vehicles. Make sure that you park your vehicle properly so that the area will be maximized and so that a lot of people can park. Also, you should take note that visitors are not allowed to park in business or church parking lots.

Here are the various parking locations that you should take note for:

  • At the Woodland Mead Park which is on the Dave Creek Parkway. You can park both by the basketball courts and the pavilion.
  • At Garden Lane’s and Persimmon Road’s intersection near the Helicopter pad and the gardens. You can park behind the Heli pad and the gardens.
  • Across the main entrance on Ashbrook Road’s Hallway 16, there is a wide gravel road that has little traffic. You can park on the road’s right side in a single line.
  • At the gravel pit of the Utility Department on Haverhill Road. You can park to the lot’s far left and make sure to nose in.
  • At all of the Trail Heads that are along the area’s dirt roads. Just see to it that you will not cause traffic by parking properly on the sides.
  • At Cool Pool Parking lots which is located at Chelsea Dr. Also, at the two flat pads that is at the left side of Cool Pool Parking lots. Make sure that you nose in towards the condos.

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