Soft Washing

An excellent choice for delecate surfaces such as stucco, siding, and roofs

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Soft washing is a cleaning method that uses a low-pressure pump similar to the pressure of your garden hose. The pump is used in combination with a biodegradable cleaning solution to eliminate algae, molds, pollen, dirt, moss, and stains. Its pressure is much weaker than that of pressure and power washing methods making soft washing perfect for delicate exterior surfaces and sidings. Soft washing is safe and effective. It works by applying a cleaning solution on the surface, letting it sit on the surface for a short period called the dwell time and rinsing the surface with high volume and low pressure. The most suitable cleaning solution used varies per surface so it is best to get a professional like 501 Pressure Washing to do the soft washing for you.

Soft washing is perfect for delicate exterior surfaces and sidings on your home. While pressure washing and power washing are ideal for large areas of hard surfaces, soft washing yields the same clean results without the detrimental effects of the high pressure of over 3000psi. It is ideal for sidings made of stucco, aluminum, dryvit and vinyl. It is also ideal for gutters, soffits, fences, decks, patios, pavers, and concrete. It is so delicate that it prolongs paint and masonry lifetimes. Plus, it does not void manufacturer warranties on vinyl sidings or windows. Hire experts like 501 Pressure Washing to ensure that your property will not be damaged.

501 Pressure Washing is one of the leading professional cleaning services in Central Arkansas. At 501 Pressure Washing, we assure you that each individual surface will be proficiently treated with the best techniques available yielding a surface that will look and feel like new. Call us now at (501) 365-6845 or e-mail us at and get quality service from nobody but the best.

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