Deck Staining

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Deck and fence staining is an important part of routine maintenance. Wood is absorbent, so it lets moisture and dirt penetrate through its pores. This becomes a breeding ground for all sorts of algae, mold, and bacteria. These growths pose as a health and fall hazard to you and your loved ones and increase the tendency of the wood to rot. Proper cleaning & staining stops the growth & rot, while keeping your wood beautiful for years to come.

Fences & decks can potentially last decades with regular cleaning and maintenance. Regular cleaning spares you from noticing the board’s awful condition when it is too late, and replacements would now need to be made. Save money from avoidable replacements, illnesses and injuries and have your deck and wood fence staining, cleaning & maintenance done by 501 Pressure Washing.

Deck and wood fence staining may be applicable to decks, fences and other fixtures made from wood like pergolas, arbors, and gazebos. This approach typically requires a combination of pressure washing, staining and sealing of surfaces. That being said, there are a number of factors to consider in selecting the methods and materials to be used in the process. The wood type, age and condition, stains present, surrounding climate and area and wood finishing all affect the choices you must make. It would be best to hire experts like 501 Pressure Washing to make informed decisions for you.

Deck and wood fence staining from professionals like 501 Pressure Washing is the optimal solution to increasing your property’s value. Not only is it cost effective compared to the time and effort spent when doing it yourself, but it also saves money that would have been spent on unnecessary replacements, repairs and damages.

501 Pressure Washing is the leading professional deck staining service in Central Arkansas. At 501 Pressure Washing, we assure you that each surface will be proficiently treated accordingly, yielding a surface that will look and feel like new. Call us now at (501) 365-6845 or e-mail us at [email protected] and get quality service from nobody but the best.

The deck with the bench below was previously coated with a 25 year guaranteed coating. The customer said it was advertised to never gray, mildew, or turn green. That was not the case. Anything outside will be susceptible to mother nature, no matter what it is treated with. We rescued this deck by stripping the coating and applied a high quality oil-based penetrating stain. This customer will now get to enjoy their investment for years to come. The key to keeping the growth off decks, is to keep them clean. Don’t let anything organic get wet and start rotting on the deck to maximize your time between cleanings.